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Robotic mitral valve repair

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Heart surgery is changing and robotic mitral valve surgery adds a new dimension making it safer and painless. Learn from the experts on how this could benefit you.

Robotic Mitral Valve Repair

Robotic mitral valve repair is a type of minimally invasive surgery that uses a robotic system to assist the surgeon

Robotic Heart Surgery

Understanding the 2 Rule’s of Mitral Valve Surgery

Before you embark on your journey of getting your valve condition treated it’s important understand a few basics of decision making and the options available. The right decisions taken at the right time will give you the longest benefit from your treatment and could possibly be the only treatment you will ever need.

What is the success rate for a robotic mitral valve repair?

These are highly successful operations in the hands of an experienced surgeon


We believe that your operation should be extremely safe as well as successful. This means that a successful robotic mitral valve repair should be as quick as possible for the best outcomes. Mitral valve repairs are inherently complex procedures and not all surgeons are capable of doing a good repair. Dr Sathyaki Nambala has been doing this operation for over 16 years and is considered highly experienced.

Our team of experienced anesthesiologist, technicians, echocardiographer’s, perfusionists and nurses are passionate about helping you have a successful and yet safe operation. Every mitral valve repair is different and can be simple or complex with outcomes dependant on a variety of factors.

Young patients with normal heart function and simple repairs are likely to have the best results. Older patients with advanced disease in the mitral valve and/or poor heart function are higher risk. Overall, 99% of patients suitable for a repair have a successful procedure with complication risks as low as 0.5%.

Robotic Mitral Valve Repair or Replacement

How long does robotic mitral valve surgery take?

Depends on the experience of the surgeon and the complexity of the repair

Excellent outcomes in heart surgery are definitely linked to the duration for which the heart is stopped. Experienced surgeons  with a skilled team can perform surgery quickly and decisively hugely impacting outcomes.

The second factor that determines the duration of surgery is the complexity of the procedure. Poor tissue quality, difficult anatomy or a complex repair where several defects need fixing will result in longer duration of surgery.

Simple defects in patients with well preserved heart function and performed by a skilled experienced surgeon are quick resulting in great outcomes. Robotic-assisted mitral valve repairs inherently have better outcomes due to a variety of factors when performed by a skilled surgical team. 


What is the cost of robotic mitral valve surgery?

Depends on the complexity, the type and nature of implants if any

The cost of robotic heart surgery is highly variable and depends on the duration, complexity and the materials used in the surgery. 

For example, if a valve or ring is used in the surgery, there is an added cost. There are different types of rings and valves with variable costs. Also, suture materials that are of poorer quality are cheap while good quality certified suture materials are more expensive.

Additional procedures performed such as surgery for atrial fibrillation or a tricuspid valve repair can make the procedure more expensive. It’s good to discuss this with the surgeon or his team before the procedure. Simply put, the more complex the more expensive is the procedure. Robotic procedures are about 30% more than open surgery but the benefits are enormous compared the added expense. 


Is Robotic Heart Surgery Safe?

How fast is the recovery after robotic mitral valve repair?

12 to 48 hours! Can’t get better than this.

Recovery can be very fast after a robotic mitral valve repair. Although it seems unbelievable, patients can leave the hospital within 24 hours. Many of our younger patients can get discharged from the hospital within 12 hours after the operation. It’s as incredible to us as its to you!

It must be remembered that recovery depends on your health condition prior to surgery. Poor cardiac function with more complex operations need time in the ICU for recovery. Even in these situations, most patients leave within 48 hours. Currently 80% leave the hospital in 24 hours. 

Robotic Heart Surgery

We Make Your Experience  Exceptional.

A Shortened hospital stay, with no pain and back home 48 hour after a heart surgery. Unbelievable is it not?

It’s true, you read it right. Robotic heart surgery offers exceptionally fast recovery, no infection, no blood transfusion and minimal chest trauma. And, it’s absolutely safe especially in our hands with over 15 years of experience in MICS.




Rapid Recovery

Zero Infection

No Infection


No Pain

What is the difference between robotic mitral valve repair and the minimally invasive approach?

Robotic Heart Surgery

Robotic Mitral Surgery

Minimally Invasive Mitral Valve Replacement

Minimally Invasive

Elegance in Heart Surgery

Robotic Heart Surgery is the most minimalist and least painful technique in heart surgery. At Apollo Hospital, Bangalore, the team led by Dr Sathyaki Nambala brings in a new dimension to their minimally invasive experience with this advanced technique.

The entire robotic mitral valve surgery is performed through 4 port holes that are just 8mm in size. These are just the size of your finger tip. Smaller cuts mean less pain, faster healing and incredibly low chances of infection and blood loss.


How It Works


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Discuss your condition and its appropriate treatment with the surgeon

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Choose the procedure that’s appropriate for you. Not all patients are suitable for robotic surgery


Plan Procedure

Choose a suitable date for the surgery and plan discharge and follow ups

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