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This case study presents the journey of a 39-year-old soon-to-be father who accidentally discovered he had a complex congenital heart defect, specifically “sinus venous ASD with PAPVC.” Traditional Open-Heart Surgery (OHS) was recommended, but the intrusive nature of OHS, both physically and mentally, left him devastated, especially as he anticipated the crucial phase of becoming a father.

Seeking alternatives to OHS, the patient found hope in the Robotic Cardiac Surgery program at Apollo Hospitals and consulted Dr. Sathyaki Nambala. He recommended Robotic Surgery, a minimally invasive approach that avoided bone cutting. Through tiny incisions between the ribs, a totally endoscopic robot-assisted correction of the defect was performed. A bovine pericardium patch was used for the repair.

The results were remarkable. Just two hours post-procedure, the patient was extubated, demonstrating a swift recovery. Within 24 hours, he was discharged, ready to reunite with his family.


This case underscores the significant advantages of robotic cardiac surgery, particularly for young individuals facing complex congenital heart defects. The minimally invasive nature of this approach reduces physical trauma, pain, and recovery time, enabling patients to quickly return to their families and normal lives.


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