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Mrs. Latha, a resilient 75-year-old woman, embarked on a remarkable journey towards a healthier heart through the groundbreaking field of robotic cardiac surgery. Her case, marked by severe Mitral Regurgitation, Ischemic Heart Disease, a 90% stenosis of the Right Coronary Artery, a dilated Left Ventricle, increased Pulmonary Artery Hypertension, Chronic Kidney Disease, and severe restrictive pulmonary disease, presented an intricate medical challenge. This case study explores the transformative impact of robotic surgery on Mrs. Latha’s complex health conditions.


Facing a dire medical situation compounded by a major stroke two years prior, Mrs. Latha’s diagnosis necessitated urgent intervention. Traditional Open-Heart Surgery, including Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting (CABG) with Mitral Valve Replacement (MVR) through a conventional sternotomy, was deemed high-risk, with a mortality risk exceeding 15%. Many surgeons advised against the surgery, given the formidable challenges.

The Search for a Solution:

Undeterred, Mrs. Latha’s daughter conducted extensive research and discovered the Robot Cardiac Surgery program at Apollo Hospitals Bangalore. Seeking consultation with Dr. Sathyaki Nambala, Chief Cardiac Surgeon, the family explored innovative approaches to improve Mrs. Latha’s quality of life.

Proposed Solution:

Dr. Nambala recommended a groundbreaking hybrid procedure—a combination of Robotic MVR with PTCA to RCA. Robotic MVR involved smaller incisions (8-9 mm) without cutting any bone, leveraging robotic-assisted technology for enhanced precision and dexterity during surgery. This approach offered a promising alternative to the high-risk open-heart surgery initially considered.


Prior to the procedure, Mrs. Latha underwent meticulous medical optimization, receiving input from specialists in Nephrology, Pulmonology, and Geriatrics. The Robotic MVR with a bio-prosthetic valve proceeded smoothly, with Mrs. Latha experiencing an uneventful immediate post-operative recovery. Two days later, she underwent PTCA to RCA, demonstrating remarkable resilience throughout the procedure. Her hospital stay remained uneventful, culminating in a discharge on the fifth day.

The Miracle of Robotics: Mrs. Latha’s Journey to a Healthier Heart!

The Miracle of Robotics: Mrs. Latha’s Journey to a Healthier Heart!


Mrs. Latha’s case stands as a testament to the transformative potential of robotic cardiac surgery, particularly for patients with complex medical histories and conditions. The hybrid approach employed by Dr. Nambala and the team at Apollo Hospitals Bangalore showcased the adaptability and precision of robotic technology, offering Mrs. Latha a significantly lower-risk alternative and a faster, smoother recovery.

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