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In the past, heart surgeries were long, with big cuts, and needed a long time in the hospital. But things have changed! Now, thanks to new technology, surgeries are quicker, need smaller cuts, and patients recover faster.

Meet Mrs. Sarika: A Special Case

Mrs. Sarika, a 47-year-old homemaker from Patna, had trouble breathing when she exerted herself. After some tests, doctors found a big hole in her heart. This was serious, and she needed help fast.

Introducing Robot-Assisted Heart Surgery: A Big Step Forward

Mrs. Sarika got a special kind of surgery called Robotic Heart Surgery. It was different because it only needed four small cuts, each about the size of a button. This made the surgery less scary and easier for Mrs. Sarika.

Quick Recovery and Going Home Sooner

The best part? Mrs. Sarika’s surgery was over in less than an hour, and she was off the breathing machine just a couple of hours later. Amazingly, she was able to leave the hospital the next day with only a few medicines to take.

A New Way to Treat Hearts

Mrs. Sarika’s story shows how new ways of doing heart surgery can make a big difference. With less invasive and robot-assisted procedures, patients can get better faster and go back to their normal lives sooner. Thanks to doctors like Dr. Sathyaki Nambala and his team at Apollo Hospitals Bangalore, more people can get the care they need with less worry and more hope for the future.

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